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March 25, 2004
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WW2 Side Scroller by a-t-o-m-i-c WW2 Side Scroller by a-t-o-m-i-c
I went with the classic ww2 theme for my entry... As you can probably see its inspired by Metal Slug one of my favorite arcade games of all time. I decided to go with a bit more realistic looking vehicles though.

I'll probably update this as suggestions come in, I'm not entirely happy with the middleground (ruins and stuff)... Oh yeah, 38 colors.


update: pretty big update here.. spent a while on all these great suggestions and thus redid the whole sky and added some ruins in the foreground. I think I made it as confusingly detailed as I could get :lol: This brings me up to exactly 40 colors. Oh and if you want to see the old version for comparison, check it out here
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blackice Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2004
Some stunning detail here, such as the muzzle flash from the tank shot :o the explosions also look awesome, and the interface seems unobtrusive and useable. Nice work on the ruins, too :>
vipermd Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004
Nice.. :D I'd play it.. :D Hmmm.. Reminds me.. I gotta get MAME again and play Metal Slug.. :D ;)
blind-ice Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004   Digital Artist
I think it looks good.

There are some small things I would pick on though, the first would be the background - I think it looks very overdone to be honest, it does look good, but there is something about it that just doesnt look right... maybe the coluds or something...

secondly - the colours of the tanks are very similar to that of the rocks and it is a bit hard to tell which is which, but I realise that with the 40 colour limit it would be hard so don't bother about changing that :)

Anyway, I hope I am not to harsh, just some suggestions

Hope I could help
Cheers and good luck in the contest, you have a good shot at it.

a-t-o-m-i-c Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004
If by tanks you mean the German kubelwagons than I absolutely agree with you, but it was hard considering the color limit and the fact that Germans used mostly gray camouflage which I guess works very well in this screenshot :lol:

I tried to use explosions to break them from the background but I think in the end it was a better choice to leave them gray otherwise I would have gone for the khaki which might have been confusing for one and less realistic as well.

About the sky, I dont know... if anything the bottom part of it could have used another level of ruins but I really wanted to go for the dramatic scenery.

Thanks for your comment, I always appreciate good criticism :)
blind-ice Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004   Digital Artist
Oh yeah I get what your saying :)

it actually doesn't look to bad now that I look at it a bit more... glad you agreed with the tank parts to, but yeah, as you said, and i said, the colours are limited.

Yeah possibly the bottom of the sky, I don't know, it might pay to experiment with it a bit but if you cannot find anything good just leave it because it does look good, just a bit.. i dunno, weird I guess :)

Anyway thanks for understanding :)

Astharoth Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004   Digital Artist
Thats's really great! Explosions are perfect, background is really well done and all the units are fabulous!
Really great work...
warfish Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I've seen both versions, and I must say, that the second one, I mean this one, is much better then the previous. The sky looks very detailed now, with its cool gradient and some red clouds. What I like about this screenshot is that it shows us almost the real atmosphere of war. Everything is dusty and very dark. Textures are also great, especially ruins and tanks. Explosions are also good, but they look like if they were taken from somewhere else. I mean, they're to bright, while everything around them still stays dark. But hey, every game has this minus, so there's nothing to blame you for.


I wish you the best of luck with the contest, *a-t-o-m-i-c! Keep it up!
a-t-o-m-i-c Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2004
I agree with you on the explosions, I tried to tone it down but thats how explosions would look in real life. I think what screws it up is that normally you'd see reflected light on the ruins and kubelwagons but games of this type aren't advanced enough to have dynamic lighting that's why I decided to stay true to the atmosphere. The tank has a bit of a reflection but thats because its the firing sprite for it.

thanks for your comment!
wenstrom Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2004   Digital Artist
The update is really great. The background is very much improved and the extra ruins do indeed look good. Keep it up! :)
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